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Q. What is document scanning? 

A. Document scanning is the process of taking paper documents, sending them through a high-speed document scanner and scanning software and turning it into a digitized image.  Document scanning provides you with a digitized image of your original paper document that you can index, search and store in many ways. This process is cost and time effective and very beneficial to all companies, small and large.

Q. How can my documents be indexed?             

A. Once your documents are scanned, they are then indexed or named according to the requirements of the customer.  Listed below are a few examples of how you can have your documents indexed and stored.

  • Database: You can index multiple fields of information from the scanned document that will narrow down the search of a specific document. You can do this by typing in a keyword or letter into a database search engine. An Example of the search criteria may be: Customer Name, Customer Number, Date or whatever you choose to have indexed in order to search by. We can process forms and import only the data needed from the form.

  • File Naming:  You can give individual documents specific file names, which can be searched through Windows Explorer or a program that supports your scanned documents.

  • PDF w/ Hidden Text: By using PDF with Hidden Text your documents become “word searchable” and is up to 99.9 % accurate depending on the quality of the original paper document before it is scanned. Also, we can populate your document properties to add additional indexing.

Q. What type of documents does we scan? 

A. We scan any type of documents from 81/2 x 11 or smaller. These include but are not limited to bound books, engineered size drawings, from A size to E size and larger. If the documents are in poor condition, we strive to provide a high quality digital image.

 Q. Is there a minimum price required in order to have a scanning project completed?

 A. No, we does not require a minimum price for any scanning project.  We feel that all scanning projects are important, no matter how small or large the project may be. We are determined to provide the customer with the best quality work, no  matter the volume of the project.

 Q. What is the turn-around time to have our documents scanned and returned on CD, or other storage device?

 A. Turn-around time depends on the amount of documents sent for scanning, the quality of the documents to be scanned, the indexing requirements of the documents, the time restraint of the scanning project, and the order in which the project is received. 

 Q. What file formats are available for my documents once they are scanned and digitized?

 A. The most common formats are Tiff (Group IV Compression) or PDF w/Hidden Text, which are more commonly used because of the ease with which you can view the documents and the fact that they are the most cost-effective to the customer.  Other formats are available upon request in order to meet the customers needs.

 Q. What types of quality control do we provide for my digital images?

 A. We run image enhancing software while the document is being scanned. Most of the images look better after they are scanned. We maintain the document original look according to all laws governing legal images.

Q. Can ProDocScan upload the image files to our server?

A. We can upload your scanned images to your server or FTP site.  we provide you with a multiple servers as a back-up in case of network failure or any other unforeseen problem.  

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